visuals by atedo | french translation courtesy of delphine guinchard |
Have you ever organized a party, and asked guests to bring something to eat?

It can be hard to keep track of who is bringing what. Yevando helps!

Just create a Yevando list for your party, and send the web address to your guests.

Your friends will be able to see what other people are bringing, and add their own dishes to the list.

Let's Go!
Disclaimer: Note that your lists are not protected in any way other than by a non-obvious URL. We can not be held responsible if you create a list and your enemies figure out how to access it, adding nonsensical items to it that they will never actually deliver! Lists contain user-entered text. View at your own discretion. We do not watch, see or check this user-generated content in any way, and can not be held responsible for text entered by users of this site.